Speaking useful phases for exams

Organizer: Teacher Tonny Lion

Hi! I collected these useful expressions for CAE and FCE speaking tests. There other ones but I chose the most interesting for me. You can find more on internet and course books. Create this you own list or edit this one. Good studies!!!!!


  • I’m really keen on (studying, working, etc)
  • I’ve endeavor to…..
  • I’m bursting to


  • I would prefer to …..
  • I much prefer….) jazz to rock/someone/something)
  • I’d rather go to …..
  • I’d much rather


  • As far as I’m concerned ……
  • In my humble opinion …
  • I think it’d be better if….


  • Both pictures show…
  • In this picture (they) look as though (they) are … whereas/while in this picture ……
  • In this one we can see …… while in this one, we can see/notice ….

Correcting yourself

  • What I mean is ….
  • What I’m trying to say is …

Describing Pictures

  • The first thing that strikes me about this Picture is …..
  • The thing that really jumps out of this subject/Picture is …


  • You hit the nail on the head
  • Yeah! I’d go along with that
  • Absolutely!
  • You took the words right out of my mouth


  • I take your point but …
  • I’m not sure about that …
  • I know you mean, but I don’t see it that way
  • I’m afraid not


  • It might be….
  • Perhaps/Maybe….
  • It looks as i9f He/she/they is/are …ing
  • It seems to me that

Asking for opinion

  • In my opinion ….., would go along with that?
  • What are your thoughts on this?
  • What are your views on this?
  • What are your conclusion
  • It’s a tough one, I’m torn between … and …
  • Shall we go with…?
  • It seems to me as though we both agree on this one

Impressive Structures

  • It’s also worth bearing in mind that …
  • I’d also like to point out that …
  • I think it’s utterly important not to forget that …
  • The vast majority of people tend to think that….
  • But in my humble opinion I strongly believe that …

Asking for repetition

  • I beg your pardon, I didn’t catch that
  • Sorry would you mind repeating that?

Politely Interruption

  • Do you mind if I add something?
  • Do you mind if I cut in here?
  • Sorry, Could I interrupt?
  • Do you mind if I jump in here?
  • I try not to cry over spilt milk

Publicado por sbecommunication

Antonio Leão se apaixonou pela língua inglesa na adolescência por causa da sua paixão polo rock and roll. Desde então tem aprimorado seus conhecimentos continuamente. EM 2008 obteve o certificado de Inglês no ACBEU. Para prosseguir seus estudos passou no vestibular da UFBA em 2009, formando-se Bacharel em Língua Estrangeira Moderna (Inglês) em 2013. Em 2021 concluiu a Pós-Graduação em Ensino da Língua Inglesa (Faculdade Descomplica). Desde que ingressou na UFBA, começou a dar aulas particulares e a ministrar aulas em cursos de inglês (Cultura Inglesa e Talktalk) e escolas do ensino fundamental (Escola Tempo de Aprender, Colégio Espaço Ideal Master). Atualmente, é professor do Ensino Fundamental I e II do Centro Educacional Império do Saber, além de ministrar aulas particular e atuar como tradutor.

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